Karla Heeter Takes the Reins as Chloe’s Courage Fund Executive Director

Chloe’s Courage Fund is taking steps to impact even more children and families facing life-threatening illness. This week, longtime friend of the organization, Karla Heeter, spent her first day as executive director of Chloe’s Courage Fund. She has a long history in philanthropy with a track record of raising significant money for a number of nonprofit and community organizations. With her leadership, Chloe’s dream of making Chloe’s Courage Fund a national initiative will be realized.

About Chloe’s Courage Fund:

Chloe Fruth recognized the power that the promise of a trophy her favorite nurse had given her when she was undergoing cancer treatment. It gave her strength to complete the intense and painful treatments and “win” the trophy. It was Chloe’s dying wish that her dream of sharing trophies with other children facing treatment be carried on. In fact, her dream was for Chloe’s Courage Fund to support kids nationwide. Each year, trophies are awarded to hundreds of children bravely battling cancer.

Chloe’s Courage Fund Announces Its Mission Statement

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Chloe's Courage Fund was created to impact children and families facing a life-threatening illness by promoting courage and celebrating bravery.

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