Honored to Make Chloe’s Dream Come True

By Karla Heeter

Chloe Fruth had one final request as she transitioned from this life on earth…it was that her family continues to give trophies and sibling medallions to other kids, like her, across the nation. Indeed, she had a vision to expand her efforts from a local initiative to a national program.

Chloe understood the power of promoting courage and celebrating bravery. She lived a courageous life in so many ways and truly was one of the bravest human beings I have ever met. She was a role model for children and adults alike.

I first met Chloe at a barrel race when she was just a little girl. As survivors, we had that “shared experience” kind of connection. We’d both had that day when the doctor says those three dreaded words, “you have cancer’ and we’d both been through chemo therapy. Our connection was immediate!

For a number of years to follow, I watched Chloe compete in the barrel racing arena and I watched her battle cancer. Her will to win was as strong as her will to live. She was a competitor and a fighter, she was courageous and brave.

And now, I am honored to serve as the Executive Director of Chloe’s Courage Fund. To have the opportunity to make Chloe’s dream come true is absolutely one of the most meaningful roles I’ve played in my career. Impacting children and families facing a life threatening illness by promoting courage and celebrating bravery fills me up.

I invite you to come on this journey with us. Get involved, attend our fundraising events, or better yet, serve on an event planning committee.  Help us make connections across the country, let us know if you know someone that would benefit from a trophy and/or sibling medallions, participate in giving, or simply share an idea. We’re looking for more friends like you!

About the author: Karla Heeter joined Chloe’s Courage Fund as executive director in June 2019. Not only does Karla share the same passion for horses that Chloe did, she too has endured a cancer diagnosis. With a long history in philanthropy, Karla has a track record of raising significant money for a number of nonprofit and community organizations. With her leadership, Chloe’s Courage Fund is well on its way to becoming a national initiative to impact children and families facing a life-threatening illness by promoting courage and celebrating bravery.


Hoof Haulers Presents the 8th Annual Chloe Fruth Labor Day Barrel RaceAwarding Chloe First Place for Courage

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