November 19th is Give to the Max Day

Everyone knows that the world always needs heroes. We all appreciate having someone to look up to, emulate, or admire. Chloe Fruth has been that for many people and families. Her courage, perseverance, wisdom and strength have been an inspiration and model for many children living with a life-threatening illness and those who care for and support them.

Chloe’s Courage Fund has helped many families on their journey through the rough terrain of dealing with a life-threatening illness. We desire to continue this vital work providing hope, and inspiration to those kids battling a life-threatening illness and their families.

An Outpouring of Support

Give to the Max Day is an important time for non-profits all across Minnesota. This is a time when Minnesotans can make a significant impact as they support their favorite charities, and for many, that happens to be Chloe’s Courage Fund.

During this time of COVID-19, life has become strained for so many as stringent precautions are now in place. While these precautions protect our most vulnerable from getting sick with the virus and its accompanying complications, they have also created stressful situations.
Visits to those in hospitals and care facilities have been significantly reduced or stopped altogether. We are now discouraged from giving those hugs and kisses that are so important. Life has changed dramatically, yet we still find ways to express our love and concern for others in the face of all these changes.

Donating to Chloe’s Courage Fund during this season of giving, which began November 1st, is one way of showing your support. November 19th is a special day for giving and showing your support for the amazing work catapulted into action by Chloe. Her generosity and concern for kids like her and their families created the foundation for Chloe’s Courage Fund.

She dreamed that kids experiencing critical illness and their families would get the opportunity to have their lives improved a little by her fund. Chloe’s dream is a reality and continues to expand in a ripple effect, not only bringing joy through trophies and medallions for kids and their siblings. Chloe’s Courage Fund, launched in 2012 after her death, also provides scholarships and tutoring support for children impacted by cancer.

Be a part of Chloe’s dream and improve a child’s reality with a life-threatening illness by making your contribution to Chloe’s Courage Fund. November 19th is just around the corner, but why wait for you to donate to the cause today? Thank you for your support.

Chloe and Her Charity Have Impacted My Life in an Invaluable Way

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Chloe's Courage Fund was created to impact children and families facing a life-threatening illness by promoting courage and celebrating bravery.

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